Class types

General: A typical Gita style general class begins with a brief relaxation followed by focused stretching exercises in preparation for a specific selection of classic hatha asanas (poses). Classes include a pranayama (yogic breathing exercise) and conclude with a Savasana (guided relaxation). Certain classes during the week are better suited to beginners, so be sure to specify on your booking request if you are new to yoga.
TUES/WED/THURS/FRI at 9am – TUES/THURS at 18:30pm

Gentle: These classes are great for those who are seeking a restorative and relaxing class as the pace is slower than a general yoga class and we work through gentle variations and softer poses.  Typically aimed at those who are recovering from an injury or illness, beginners and pregnant mums.
WED 6:30pm  – FRI 11am

Postnatal: Aimed at new moms and their (pre-crawling) babies. I typically offer this class on demand to small groups of new moms that want a nurturing and safe space to gently exercise with their baby. A gentle and restorative class where moms can pause at anytime throughout the class to breastfeed or change a nappy.
On demand with a maximum of 4 moms